Todas las Promociones pueden Cambiar sin Previo Aviso
Take your promotions to the next level by printing out custom magnets. Turn your vehicles into moving billboards through car door magnets. Quickly switch and swap your signs without having to worry about new paint jobs! Extend your promotions at home with refrigerator magnets. Use your magnets to boost brand awareness in homes,restaurants and offices. You can use these magnets for personal use - print out save the date magnets as invitation cards for weddings, birthdays and other special occasions. Advertisinf Shop CMC offers car, save the date, business card and refrigerator magnet printing services. Choose magnet specifications according to your needs. For car magnets, you can choose sizes ranging from 3” to 48” printed on 30 pt. magnetic paper stock. For business card and refrigerator magnets, sizes starts from 2” to 12”. For save the date magnets, you can opt for custom sizes from 2” to 18”. Card magnets are printed with 17 point magnet high gloss (UV) paper.
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